Lip augmentation procedure is popular, but it doesn't last

October 14, 1990|By New York Daily News

Is Madonna, the bleached-blond booster of beauty marks and bustiers, about to start a run on lip implants?

With stories circulating that the Blonde Ambition has plumped up her kisser, cosmetic surgeons might expect plumper pockets.

Although her publicists won't confirm the lip augmentation, recent photos of Madonna show a fuller, poutier mouth.

Well, if Madonna did beef up her lips, she's far from alone. Roughly 75,000 women have facial collagen injections each year, and the majority of the injections are in the lips, reports the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Word is that Julia Roberts' pretty pout is not nature's creation. And Barbara Hershey, Bette Midler's sidekick in "Beaches," admits her lips were enlarged temporarily for the film.

"It's a healthy, youthful look," says Dr. Lewis Feder, a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist, who says he does five to 10 lip augmentations each week in his upper East Side Manhattan office. "Three years ago, we started doing a lot of them."

Dr. Feder credits Kim Basinger, whose lips he believes are natural, with the craze.

Cost of job: $250 to $400, depending on how much collagen is used. But the 10-minute procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, has to be redone every three or four months because collagen lips deflate.

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