Bedroom that expresses owners' taste

October 14, 1990|By RITA ST. CLAIR

Master bedrooms used to be the most ordinary and predictable spaces in the home.

Once upon a time, the typical furnishing solution was for a parent to buy a prefab bedroom set for the happy newlyweds. These ensembles were usually designed to fit into small rooms ** and to express the uninformed tastes of a young couple.

But there's no need, in this more enlightened age, to belabor the inadequacies of the average matched set of commercially manufactured bedroom furniture. After many years of use, these old pieces can sometimes be salvaged for a guest bedroom, as long as they're repainted, remodeled and refinished. If nothing else, the individual items may have a certain nostalgia value.

Today, the styling of a master bedroom is much looser and freer. Few people buy matched sets any longer, and fewer still are concerned about re-creating the look of a particular period.

The photo illustrates this point. The bed is a stainless steel interpretation of the Napoleonic campaign bed, made even more exotic andsturdy by the canopy-like framing. But note that this canopy has no roof. It was left that way to complement the spacious look of the room, designed by Norman Roth.

The rest of the furniture consists of a combination of antique storage pieces, stainless steel tables flanking the bed and a rattan and wood desk and chair.

To pull together all the exotica and elegant decorative touches, the designer used a wall-to-wall DuPont "Stainmaster Luxura" in steel gray.This particular carpet is by Catalina.

A contemporary texturelike printed wallpaper provides an appropriate background for the reproduction of a 17th century tapestry. A flat, pleated fabric shade in the same silk as the bed hangings gives the room a warm and glowing feel. And to balance the gray metal bed frame and carpet, both the wall covering and the other fabrics are done in a combination of steel gray and tobacco-brown shades.

This type of bedroom, which certainly can't be described as average or predictable, will probably appeal most to those of you who love to pick up bits and pieces as you travel. Assembling all those disparate items into a coherent and attractive whole does require a sophisticated eye. But a big budget is definitely not a prerequisite for putting together a look like this.

How nice to know we've come this far from the days of the anonymous bedroom set. It's such a great relief to have escaped the time when expressing one's personal taste or lifestyle was looked upon as an exercise in eccentricity.

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