Allen's Redskin patrol still on job

October 11, 1990|By Jack Mann

Gary Glenn, an intern in the Washington Redskins' public relations department, was assigned this week as one of coach Joe Gibbs' rangers. three functionaries patrolled the ivied fences that are Redskin Park's perimeter during practice, checking for spies.

The scene was reminiscent of the paranoiac George Allen eraexcept that these rangers were on foot. In the early '70s Ed Boynton, a retired Los Angeles cop, rode a bicycle around the fence and delivered his standard lecture to children of the then boondocks around Dulles Airport.

"Coach Allen appreciates your interest," he would advise th8-year-olds, "but it is important that the Redskins not have too many distractions, So . . ."

Allen's Over the Hill Gang dubbed Boynton Double-O-Seven.

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