Glen Burnie Upset Throws Prophet's Picks For A Loop Sage Feels A Meade Surprise In The Making

Prophet Pat

October 11, 1990

It wasn't one of his typical incredible weeks, but it was still a better-than-average week for the Prophet.

After going 31-2 over a three-week period, the Rage of a Sage cooled off just a bit with an 8-2 card in calling local high school football games.

The 8-2 record, which included one shocker, left the Prophet's overall percentage at .804 on a 45-11 mark.

Had it not been for the federal government calling the Prophet in for a secret session with George Bush on what to expect from Congress in the ongoing budget controversy, the Sage would have had more time to study his "Game of the Week" -- Arundel and Glen Burnie.

But the Prophet puts his country first, and so his Arundel-Glen Burnie pick was off the mark.

Seems the Prophet was a bit confused in taking Arundel by 17-14, and should have known with the Gophers at home, it would be Glen Burnie by 19-14.

The only other miss came in the Severn at St. Paul's game, a game that had given the Prophet bad vibes. Still, the Sage went with the Admirals by 14-7 knowing it would be a tough game, but with the Severn offense looking finely tuned in two prior games, the Admirals were favored.

However, the Prophet was wrong along with most other local prognosticators as St. Paul's blanked Severn, 12-0.

On the positive side of the ledger, the Prophet (his picks in parentheses) was right on: Old Mill 42-14 over Chesapeake (Old Mill 34-0); North County 26, Southern 0 (North County 22-0); Severna Park 29-13 over Meade (Severna Park 28-0); South River 13-12 over Queen Anne's (South River 17-13); J. M. Bennett 52, Northeast 8 (J.M. Bennett 24-0); Annapolis 14-6 over Broadneck (Annapolis 20-0); St. Mary's 36, Southwestern 28 (St. Mary's 21-7); and Boys' Latin 33, Spalding 0 (Boys' Latin 14-7).

This week's nine-game slate includes everybody but idle Severn.

South River at Annapolis, 7:30 p.m. Friday, United Cable TV of Annapolis.

"Game of the Week."

Their records are the same (2-3). Each won a close one last week; each has trouble scoring but each plays good defense. The similarities stop there.

Last year, the two schools met for the first time ever in football and Annapolis came away with a hard-earned 35-22 victory.

Neither club appears to be as good as last year, but the Prophet sees one big difference in the two. It's very simple.

Annapolis is the bigger school playing a Class 4A schedule while South River plays a 3A schedule. The Annapolis kids know that and they aren't about to lose to a southern neighbor. That would be too much to take off the field in terms of all the talk and heat they would have to deal with.

This game comes down to pride and defense, and Annapolis will get the job done in what should be a hard-hitting, exciting high school football game.

Since both teams haven't been scoring much -- Annapolis 14-6 over Broadneck last week and South River over Queen Anne's 13-12 -- that usually means the opposite. When everything points to a defensive struggle, it usually ends up a high-scoring affair. So, look for something close to 40 or better in total points.

Annapolis 20, South River 17.

Meade at Glen Burnie, 7 p.m. Friday. "Upset of the Week."

On paper, this one looks like a mismatch with the host Gophers at 4-1 and Meade at 1-4, but don't buy that, football fans.

This one has all the makings of a big-time upset. Based on their competitive showing at Severna Park last week (lost 29-13 but it was 7-7 at the half, 14-13 after three periods, and not settled until the final moments), the Rage of a Sage believes the young Mustangs are ready to knock off a contender.

Meade's first-year head coach Hayse Henderson is a former teacher and coach at Glen Burnie and won't be fooled by anything that the Gophers do.

The 'Stangs go in as a heavy underdog and that's just fine with Henderson and his staff. Before last week's contest at Severna Park, the Meade players were greeted in their locker room with the words, "Ford Pintos! Ha! Ha!"

Mischievous assistant coach Mark Frye wrote the words on the chalkboard to fire up the kids. In his prediction, the Prophet had written how they were reduced from Mustangs to Pintos the week before in a humbling 52-0 loss at Fort Hill in Cumberland.

The Prophet was speaking in horse terms, not automobiles, but Frye's mind works in strange ways and thus, Ford Pintos.

Well, this week whether it be roadsters or grazers, Meade is back to being Mustangs. Its defense is excellent and its semi-wishbone offense is ready to explode on somebody with freshman Kenny Walker a threat to score anytime he touches the ball anywhere on the field.

Meade's overall team speed and decent size will enable this club with only seven seniors to come of age this week and serve notice to the rest of the 4A league that it is going to have a big-time part in who wins it.

Meade 14, Glen Burnie 13.

Broadneck at Southern, 7:30 p.m. Friday.

This is a tough one to call despite Broadneck's 1-4 record and Southern's 3-2 mark. The Bruins took last year's contest, 14-6, one of only two games they won.

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