Lynch's daughter pens Laura's diary

October 11, 1990|By Knight-Ridder

It's not as damn fine as a good cuppa joe or some cherry pie from the Double R diner, but ''The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer,'' by Jennifer Lynch (Pocket Books, $8.95) is still a valuable companion for the true "Twin Peaks" fanatic.

Of all the characters in the supersonic prime-time soap opera, we know the least about the murdered Laura Palmer. So Lynch, the daughter of series creator David Lynch, fills in the gaps with a diary that stretches from her 12th birthday until a few days before her death.

Through it, we're able to trace Palmer from a pony-riding innocent to a cocaine addicted, bisexual nymphomaniac who can't seem to get enough of any of her vices. It also explains some of the show's missing details and hints at things to come. For instance, the mysterious Bob character introduced this season plays a major part in the book. And, no, the diary does not say who killed Laura Palmer.

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