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October 11, 1990

Survival Technology Inc.

Survival Technology Inc., based in Bethesda, reported yesterday a fiscal 1990 loss of $360,900 or 13 cents a share.

The company, which makes military auto-injectors containing nerve gas antidotes for the Defense Department, said it expects to report a profit in its fiscal year ending July 31, 1991, partly because of anticipated sales of its commercial products to Bristol-Myers and Syntex Laboratories Inc. and continued growth in sales of the auto-injector.

Three months ended 7/31/90

Six months ended 7/31/90

Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Recently acquired radio stations and improvements in the energy and environmental services industry pushed third-quarter profits for this Pittsburgh-based communications and electronics company up 9 percent over last year's third quarter, the company announced yesterday.

Though revenues for the year so far are slightly lower than last year's, Westinghouse said that after adjusting for last year's divestiture of the transmission and distribution business, revenues increased about 11 percent in both the quarter and nine months.

The operating profit margin rose to 11.9 percent, from last year's 10.4 percent.

Westinghouse said, however, that its financial-services division had flat revenues and lower operating profit in the period ended Sept. 30 because of increased loan reserves in Westinghouse Credit.

Three months ended 9/30/90

Nine months ended 9/30/90

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