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October 10, 1990

Funding, not quality, led to CBI's closing


False analogies

Your editorial on auto insurance reform (Sept. 18) is incorrect in several respects.

License plate and drivers' license fees have nothing to do with human factors such as sex, age, where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. Rates for insurance of all kinds ` auto, life, home, etc. are based on all of these factors.

As you indicated, more accidents, thefts and acts of vandalism occur in Baltimore city than anywhere else in the state, and "there is rampant insurance fraud in a variety of forms in the city," which results in much higher expenses and loss payments, also in the city.

The area in which I live and operate my vehicle must be used to set insurance rates, the same as my sex and age. There is no equitable reason for people in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore or other areas to pay the same rates as residents of Baltimore city.

Even though liability insurance is required (by law) in Maryland, there are many uninsured drivers using our streets and roads.

Frank Greene


Slight error

Now that we are looking at a hefty deficit in state spending where a "surplus" was supposed to be, will the governor admit to a slight error?

Where was he when money was being given out like a one-armed bandit stuck on win? Pulling the handle, that's where!

How strange it is that when it becomes politically expedient, conservation and even a stand for women's right to abortion are the new directions. Silence and a bloated budget are no longer chic.

180-degree turns are nothing new for W. D. Schaefer, but going backwards is a strange way to get ahead.

Ronald L. Dowling


Real destitution

Nobody, probably, is more destitute than someone who has just been evicted from a house or an apartment. But now Mayor Schmoke would like to see an ordinance passed which would allow the city to incinerate the possessions of the evicted without the current 30-day waiting period. Should such an ordinance pass, the mayor and City Council -- the whole bunch -- should be thrown out of office.

Geoffrey W. Fielding



In the greatest sneak attack since Bob Irsay moved the Colts out of town in the middle of the night, Vince Gardina, Democratic challenger for the 5th District councilmanic seat in Baltimore County, joined the Rasmussen ticket.

Just as Mr. Irsay promised he would never move our beloved Colts, Mr. Gardina swore many times to many people that he would never have his name on a sign with Mr. Rasmussen's.

This has to be the biggest 180-degree turn since Wrong-Way Corrigan.

Louis F. Waidner

Perry Hall

$35,900 question

The Oct. 3 Evening Sun published an article headline"One-legged mobster held in Fells Pt. slaying." The suspect in the case was characterized as "a longtime Baltimore crime figure and in recent years a city public works superintendent," now on the city payroll at $35,900 a year.

Now comes the great question: How did a well-known crime figure come to be hired by the city in an important job? We are waiting for an answer.

Howard H. Green


No cheers

You won't find very many inner-city residents cheering your "Fallen angels" editorial (Oct. 4) or your continuing misguided and distorted views on gun control.

It's sad to say, but many of our poorer fellow citizens' only chance for a semblance of personal security lies with groups like the Guardian Angels or a home defense gun, safely and securely stored on premises.

Thomas P. Lomasney


Don Dukakis?

I just knew it would happen!

Governor Schaefer is going to bankrupt the state of Maryland. Do you think he is related to the governor of Massachusetts?

Cole Riddle


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