New Regulations Allow Hunters To Take Extra Deer


October 10, 1990|By Marie V.Forbes

Carroll County hunters should be aware of several changes in the 1990-1991 deer hunting regulations as issued by the Forest, Park and Wildlife Service of Maryland's Department of Natural Resources:

* Second Deer Stamps: New this season is a regulation which allows hunters to obtain a second deer stamp for each of the three hunting seasons (bow, muzzleloader and firearms). The stamp is valid only for the season for which it is purchased and entitles the bearer to take one additional deer during that season.

In Carroll County, any extra deer taken during firearms season must be antlered. If you possess an antlerless deer permit, you can take an antlered deer first, and then take the antlerless deer, provided you possess a second deer stamp for the firearms season.

* Antlerless Deer Permits: An Antlerless Deer Permit is required to hunt antlerless deer in Carroll County during the regular deer firearms season.

An antlered deer is any deer with two or more points to one antler or a deer with one antler 3 or more inches long, measured from the top of the skull. An antlerless deer is any deer lacking such antlers.

To obtain a permit to take an antlerless deer, an application must be mailed to: Antlerless Deer Permit, Forest, Park and Wildlife Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Tawes State Office Building, Annapolis, Md. 21401.

Permits will be issued by a lottery system and only hunters who are awarded such permits are permitted to take an antlerless deer.

* Bow Season: Season for white-tailed deer runs through Nov. 23, Dec. 3 to 21 and Jan. 7 to 31. The bag limit is one deer and a second deer may be taken only by hunters possessing a Second Deer Bow Stamp.

Bows must be hand-held, hand-drawn and held in drawn position by hand.

Arrows must be sharpened broadheads at least seven-eighths of an inch in width and the bow must have a pull of not less than 30 pounds. Release aids are permitted.

Use of crossbows and poisoned arrows is prohibited. Bows also may be used for hunting during firearms and muzzleloader seasons.

* Muzzleloader Season: Season for white-tailed deer is Dec. 22 to Jan.

5, with a limit of one deer and one additional deer with a Second Deer Muzzleloader Stamp.

Muzzleloaders must be at least .40-caliber and use not less than 60 grains of black powder and propel one all-lead or lead-alloy soft-nosed or expanding bullet or ball at a single discharge. Telescopic and laser sights are forbidden, although visually impaired people with a certificate from an ophthalmologist may apply for a permit to use a telescopic sight.

* Firearms Season: Season for white-tailed deer is Nov. 24 to Dec. 1.

Limit is one deer and one additional deer with a Second Deer Firearms Stamp. The extra deer must be antlered in Carroll County.

Shotguns must be 20 gauge or larger without a rifled barrel, using a pumpkin ball or rifle slug. Buckshot may not be used to hunt deer.

Magazines and clips may not hold more than eight cartridges. Handguns, including muzzleloading handguns, may be used for deer hunting and must have a muzzle energy of 700 or more foot pounds and a barrel length of 6 inches or more.

* Hunter Orange: New this year, people hunting deer on their own property and anyone hunting with bow and arrow during bow and arrow season are exempted from wearing hunter orange.

All other people either hunting, accompanying or assisting a hunter must wear either a cap of solid daylight fluorescent orange color, a vest, jacket or jacket with front and back panels of at least 250 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange or an outer garment of camouflage fluorescent orange worn above the waist containing at least 50 percent daylight fluorescent orange color.

* Non-resident hunters: New this year, non-residents of Maryland who own farmland in the state and hunt only on their own land are now required to buy a non-resident basic hunting license.

Armed Forces members while on leave in Maryland may hunt without a license provided they possess a copy of their official leave orders.

However, non-resident armed forces members stationed in Maryland must have a non-resident license.

* Landowner permission to hunt: Written permission is required before hunting on private property in Carroll County.

* Maryland Trophy Deer Contest: Maryland's Department of Natural Resources is sponsoring a contest open to all deer taken legally in the state. Winners will be in two categories: County and Historic.

County winners will be highest-scoring bucks taken during the 1989-1990 season. Historic category is for bucks taken during earlier seasons.

For additional information about deer hunting regulations or about the Maryland Trophy Deer Contest, contact the Department of Natural Resources Center at Gwynnbrook Wildlife Management Area, Owings Mills, Md. 21117; (301) 356-9272.

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