Snow White And Hot Dogs Make For Theater Magic Discerning Reviewer Sings Sneezy's Praises

October 10, 1990|By Joann Greenfield | Joann Greenfield,Contributing writer

My daddy took my brother, Benjamin, and me to see "Snow White" at the Annapolis Dinner Theater the other day, and we really liked it a lot.

When we got there, my brother, who's 4, told the lady, "Your reviewers are here," which was sort of embarrassing.

I was really excited when "Prince Charming" took us to our table. I really liked him; he looked so much like a prince.

And Shannon came to my table to bring me a drink and she was "Snow White." She really looked like Snow White. She had a red ribbon and red cheeks.

They brought us hot dogs and potato chips. I thought the hot dogs were just as good as Fuddrucker's where Daddy takes us all the time because the kids eat for free and Benjamin and I really love the hot dogs. Daddy thought the hot dogs were good, but they didn't have any hot mustard for him; he likes to burn his mouth a lot.

There were lots and lots of kids there and I saw Katey from kindergarten! She was at a birthday party right down front. I went and told her that Snow White brought me a Pepsi.

Just before the show, Miss Judy (Wobensmith) said that pretty soon, after "Snow White" is done, they're going to do "Cinderella," and Benjamin said, "And then 'Sleeping Beauty'? And then the 'Little Mermaid'?"

We all sang songs before the show and I knew who all the songs were about; Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and I even got Rapunzel real fast.

Benjamin kept saying, "Now is the show coming? I see someone getting ready, I think."

When the show started, there was a storm and the lights flashed. And there was even a frog who danced around. Sneezy kept sneezing and every time Grumpy got bossy and braggy, all the kids said "Aw Grumpy, stop complaining."

It was really funny. Bashful wiggled her legs when she wouldn't wash up and Benjamin giggled like crazy.

Snow White sang pretty and so did the prince and he kissed her. The queen was really nasty.

At the end, we clapped. I went down to see how Katey liked the show and Benjamin went out and started shaking hands with all the dwarfs.

He shook hands with Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy. He couldn't find Bashful and Dopey, but we shook hands with Snow White.

After the show, we went to buy shoes for us at Stride-Rite and Benjamin told the girl, "I just introduced myself to the Seven Dwarfs."

She smiled at him a little funny and went to get him his shoes.

Joann Greenfield is a 5-year-old who attends kindergarten at Cape St.

Claire Elementary and loves to sing and dance. She recently started studying Suzuki violin. 4-year-old Benjamin attends Anchors-A-Wee Pre-School and is holding out for a French horn.

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