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October 09, 1990

Give ESPN an error

Tom Brunansky's catch in the rightfield corner, which clinched the pennant for the Red Sox last week, has to go down as one of the most bizarre moments in sports broadcasting history! With the Orioles-Blue Jays game tied up in extra innings, The Catch was missed by ESPN cameras.

The announcer emphatically yelled, "He dropped the ball!", and Brunansky certainly seemed to confirm this by darting onto the field and retrieving the ball as fast as he could. What fascinates me is that not only did ESPN refuse to show any replay; it wouldn't even talk about whether The Catch was a catch at all. What is the network afraid of, I asked myself.

Would Jon Miller, if he had been lucky enough to be on the scene, have shied away from the controversy? (I think not.) What might have happened to the umpires if they had overturned the call, with the Red Sox fans already in full celebration on the field? And would Tom Henke have given up that Mickey Tettleton home run if he didn't already know that the Red Sox had clinched the pennant moments earlier?

George Bacharach


Blast fan prefers old colors

* I think that it is an insult to the city of Baltimore that the new Baltimore Blast owner has changed the team colors from red and orange to his old Sparrows Point High School colors of blue and gray.

I have been a fan of the Blast since its inception and have loads of red and orange souvenirs, including expensive personalized jackets. Did Mr. Hale take into consideration the fans who have supported this team for 10 years? Did he think the colors of blue and gray signified a "blast"? Webster's Dictionary defines a "blast" as an "explosion," and blue and gray are anything but.

I think this action, along with the $2 hike in tickets, will keep fan away. I have twin 5-year-old boys who are just getting involved with soccer and would enjoy going to games, but I simply cannot afford the $60 it would cost for tickets and parking for one game.

Well, I feel sorry for coach Kenny Cooper and the players wh have worked so hard to get where they are only to fall into `D reverse.

What's next? Will the team's name be changed to the Pointers?

Lorena Ann Clary


Baseball will endure

* Another baseball regular season has ended. Baseball would not shut down due to infraction by a few, such as George !B VTC Steinbrenner or Pete Rose. Mistakes have been perpetrated in baseball as to the high salaries. The games are now much too long, and the fans are taking a snooze.

A big attraction would be for the senior circuit to adapt the D and have intra-league play.

Regardless, baseball is still the national pastime, a value industry, and the game itself is more popular than ever, with attendance growing each year. Play ball!

#Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak


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