Iran and the gulf crisis

October 09, 1990|By Kayhan International, Tehran, Iran, Sept. 29.

WE HOPE for a happy ending to the Iraq-U.S. standoff, but there is also a complete lack of ideas afloat that might allow the two sides to disengage.

It should be obvious that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will not bow to the threat of superior U.S. arms without what will be a very bloody conflict, whose time limit cannot be predicted.

One-third of oil being traded on the market is from Saudi Arabia. Those fields will be targeted and if the fields are not crippled, the work force will flee.

Those with eyes to see will quickly realize that if hostilities erupt, Iran could well be host to 2 million to 4 million more refugees.

In that case, borders of Kuwait with Saudi Arabia and the Iraqi borders with Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will all be potential or actual war theaters. .

Contingency planning is an urgent necessity to relieve what could be a human tragedy of immense proportions at the Iran-Iraq border.

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