News briefs

News briefs

October 09, 1990


Governor William Donald Schaefer will officiate at ceremonies at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11, introducing Maryland's First Kinder-Cabinet and to recognize those celebrities who are pictured in WJZ TV's Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies Calendar.

The Kinder-Cabinet is comprised of 24 children representing each jurisdiction in Maryland. These children will meet twice a year to discuss the issues and concerns facing Maryland's children.

The ceremony is scheduled for the Joint Committee Hearing Room in the Legislative Services Building, 90 State Circle, Annapolis.

Schaefer and Graswick will be joined by Marcellus Alexander, Vice President and General Manager of WJZ TV, and Bob Turk, WJZ TV weatherman, who will serve as master of ceremonies for the event.

Information: 225-4160.


October is Energy Awareness Month and in response to the growing need to conserve fuel during the current Persian Gulf situation, the Maryland Energy Office, a unit of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, has issued a few reminders to help county residents reduce the amount of fuel they presently consume.

* Keep tires inflated to the maximum recommended pressure.

* Keep within posted speed limits.

* Avoid sudden starts and stops.

* While driving, maintain a constant speed.

* Turn the engine off when idling for more than a minute.

* Get regular tune-ups.

* It is not necessary to "warm up" your car during cold mornings if traveling more than a few miles.

In addition to observing energy conservation rules that will add miles to your car, it is also good practice to plan, in advance of the oncoming cold weather, some low-cost/ no-cost strategies, for the home.

* Have your heating system checked now and cleaned, if necessary.

* Replace your furnace filter monthly, or if it is metal, clean it thoroughly.

* Set back the thermostat at night and when no one is home during the day.

* Check windows for drafts and, where necessary, weatherstrip and/or caulk.

* Insulate your water heater with an insulation jacket- then set the heater thermostat to 120 degrees F.

* Check your attic for drafts, especially the ceiling entrance to the attic.

Additional energy saving tips are readily available from the Maryland Energy Office. Information: 974-3755.


Six adults with very special housing needs have moved into two group homes in Anne Arundel county, thanks to loans of $293,900 from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

"DHCD's Group Home Acquisition Program gives citizens with special needs an alternative to institutional living," DHCD Secretary Jacqueline H.

Rogers said.

"The residents of group homes have an opportunity to live their lives as normally as possible in established communities."

Bello Machre Inc. of Glen Burnie received two first mortgage financing loans from the Group Home Acquisition Program -- $143,900 to purchase a three bedroom rancher on Cedar Trail in Crownsville and $150,000 for a three bedroom, single-family home on Dover Road in Pasadena.

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