You Can't Believe Every Typo You Read

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October 09, 1990|By Kathy Frazier

If I hadn't seen the words flickering on my computer screen with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.

Buried in the middle of a story sent out over the national sports wire about Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Boomer Esiason was this sentence: "Last year, they (the Bengals) were a puzzling 8-8 after going 5-1 in the AFC Central but losing home games to poor Annapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks teams."

Stop the presses! Annapolis Colts?!

Did Colts owner Bob Irsay hire the maritime division of the Mayflower moving company and sneak the team into City Dock in the middle of the night, using the hundreds of boats in town for the boat show as cover?

When did this happen? I checked the top of the story to see where it originated, figuring maybe it was one of those National Enquirer stories like "Oprah has Bart Simpson's love child; Roseanne serves as midwife at delivery."

But the Esiason story was written by a sportswriter from Newsday -- a New York tabloid, to be sure, but a respected, legitimate newspaper, not one of those racy tabloids.

How did those of us in Anne Arundel County miss such a scoop?

Annapolis Colts! Give us a break.

Sure, Annapolis football fans have not had an easy fall, what with the Annapolis High Panthers enduring an uncharacteristically mediocre 2-3 season and the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy also struggling at 2-3.

But even at that, rooting for the Panthers or Middies certainly would be more rewarding in the long run than backing the National Football League's standing joke of a franchise (its recent successes being a temporary aberration).

Annapolis Colts!

Please, please, say it was a typo.

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