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October 09, 1990

Using animals in medical research.

The use of animals in medical research is an issue that provokes strong emotions on both sides. It is nothing short of crueltyu to animals, says one side. No, it is science that will save human lives, says the other.

This month, To Your Health wants to know what you think about this issue.

So tell us: Should animals be used in medical research.?

We realize the issue is complex. Maybe you don,s thin using animals is ALWAYS cruel. Or perhaps you don't beleive using animals is ALWAYS necessary.

Though we realize that often this is not strictly a "yes or no" question, for the purposes of our informal survey we've simplified the question so as to gauge your general feelings about it.

But because it's a complex topic, you'll have a chance to elaborate if you want to.

To take part in the survey, just call SUNDIA The Sun's free information service, at 783-1800 (268-7736 in Anne Arundel County), and punch in 7900.

After you answer yes or no to the question, stay on the line if you want to comment and you'll have 30 seconds to do so. We'll publish a sample of your comments, along with the results of the survey, in two weeks.

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