Cabbie shot by passing motorists It's 4th such attack on drivers this year

October 08, 1990|By Ginger Thompson

A 62-year-old Baltimore cab driver was at Johns Hopkins Hospital yesterday fighting for his life after being shot in the head by a group of men who drove alongside his taxi and opened fire.

It was the fourth time this year that a taxi driver has been gunned down in the city.

Police said they had no motive for yesterday's violence, in which Wilbur Glascoe, a Diamond Cab Company driver from Columbia, suffered one gunshot wound to the head. Mr. Glascoe was in critical condition last night at Johns Hopkins. No arrests had been made, police said.

"People just like to take potshots at cab drivers," said William Glascoe, the injured cab driver's nephew, who also drives a Diamond cab. "It's a thankless job. First we had to worry about people hopping out of the cars without paying. Now we're afraid our passengers may be killers.

"I don't feel like dealing with this crap anymore -- none of us do," added Mr. Glascoe, 33, who has been driving a cab for a little more than a year. "But some of these guys have been driving so long that it's all they know. And they have families to take care of."

Police said Wilbur Glascoe was shot at about 12:45 a.m. yesterday at the corner of Maryland Avenue and West Biddle Street. He was stopped at the intersection, with two passengers in the back seat of his cab, when a red car with four men drove up next to them.

Police said the suspects fired several shots at Wilbur Glascoe's cab and drove away. One of the shots hit the driver in the head and another grazed passenger Ronnie Mills, 27, of the 2000 block of East 30th Street. The other passenger was not injured, police said.

"I heard about the shooting and went out there to find out who was driving the cab," said William Glascoe, the victim's nephew, who lives a few blocks from the scene of the shooting. "When I saw the cab, I couldn't go near it. The windows were busted and there were bullet holes in the doors.

"It was eerie enough, but when I found out it was my uncle . . . Well, I just can't drive for a while," he said.

He is the third Diamond cab driver to be victimized in the last two months. Two weeks ago, 66-year-old James Armistead Lewis was shot several times and killed during a robbery in Cherry Hill. Two suspects fled the shooting on foot with $15. Company officials and police said Mr. Lewis had never been robbed in the 22 years he drove a cab.

Two teen-agers have been charged with the murder.

On Aug. 9, Diamond cab driver Tyrone Herndon, 42, was shot to death in the 2800 block of East Madison Street by two men he had picked up.

And on Aug. 29, Royal cab driver Lewis Cauthorne, 38, was slain in the 500 block of Brisbane Road in Southwest Baltimore.

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