Fall PoemsA dawn walk in dewy fall woods:silvered cobwebs...

October 08, 1990|By Kirk S. Nevin Fall Flowers

Fall Poems

A dawn walk in dewy fall woods:

silvered cobwebs accent my graying mane.

My season, confirmed by the gods.

They blossom there

on the patio and near the stair


geraniums and marigolds

seemingly unaware

that frost is in the air

a warning they must stop

not flaunt their colors so

but be sedate and slow

curl up and turn to brown

and with the season go

Eileen Tarcay


Trees were ubiquitous upon the hump-backed hill,

Lawn chairs scattered about, though close enough for converse

The sun's rays shot through the trees as bars of wet gold,

The ground brightened as lightning flash through the clouds

L Our visitors had a sumptuous meal as we spoke of olden days,

A few tears hidden, a few laughs uttered as age creeps upon us

The trees shed their leaves of life, and the annus is done.

William A. Welnosky

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