Locker room policies

October 07, 1990

The following are the rules regarding locker-room access for male and female reporters for various sporting events:

Major League Baseball: Clubhouses generally are open to male and female reporters, except for closing about 90 minutes before games. They reopen immediately after the game. The Baltimore Orioles allow reporters in their clubhouse until about 45 minutes before the first pitch.

National Football League: Open to male and female reporters after games and for a short time on practice days. Locker rooms are closed before games.

National Basketball Association: Open to all reporters until 45 minutes before a game. They open again 10 minutes after the game.

National Hockey League: The NHL's policy requires that teams provide equal access for male and female reporters, not that they open their locker rooms. For now, all teams permit all accredited reporters into their locker rooms.

Association of Tennis Professionals (men's tennis): The locker rooms are off limits to all reporters. After matches, players are asked to meet with reporters in an interview room. Players are fined (usually, $1,000) when they don't show up.

Women's Tennis Association (women's tennis): Same policy, except it's less costly if you skip the interview. The standard fine (which hasn't been assessed in three years, according to a WTA spokesman) is $500.

United States Tennis Association (U.S. Tennis Opens): Both the men's and women's locker rooms are open (although a USTA spokesman said male reporters rarely have ventured into the women's locker room).

Professional Golfers' Association tour (men's golf): Locker rooms are open, except during rain delays.

Ladies Professional Golfers Association tour (women's golf): Closed to all reporters. Players generally are available to the media outside the locker room, on the putting green and in an interview room.

United States Golf Association (U.S. Golf Opens): The locker room is open to reporters at the men's championship and closed at the women's event.

Major Soccer League: Lockers rooms are open to all reporters. On game days, reporters are asked to leave 45 minutes before the game and can return 10 minutes after the game.

University of Maryland: Football locker rooms are closed to all reporters on practice and game days. Reporters meet with players in an interview room or outside the locker room. The men's basketball locker room is open to male and female reporters only after games.

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