Expansion, 'Mini' Branch Are Public Library Priorities

October 07, 1990|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff writer

Expansion of the Eldersburg branch and a mini-library in Union Bridge are the Carroll Public Library's priorities for this year's capital budget, the library director told the Planning Commission.

"We have been talking about both of these for a long time," said Martha M. Makosky on Wednesday morning. "In general, (the budget) is as we've submitted in the past and what you've recommended in the past."

As part of the annual budgeting process, commission members heard requests for building projects from all county agencies last week. After discussing priorities with each, the commission suggests to the County Commissioners which projects they should finance over the next six years.

In support of the library's requests, Makosky stressed that the commission has consistently supported the system's growth, even though the projects were eventually cut out of the budget.

"In the fall of 1988, we first submitted the Union Bridge branch and every year since, you have seen the benefit of service to outlying areas," she said, adding that the $112,900 for rental space continues that philosophy.

Frank Batavick, library board chairman, noted that Union Bridge is among the oldest Carroll towns and still lacks a library.

"They wonder why they have to go to Westminster while the newcomers in Eldersburg get a new library," he said.

Nancy Zeleski, library board member, spoke in support of the requested $2 million Eldersburg expansion.

"It is so congested, there are almost unsafe conditions," she said, citing increased traffic and limited vehicle access. "The level of activity in the building is also very high."

Library officials hope to develop plans in 1992 to expand the building in 1994, after Carroll's Health Department moves from the space they share.

Although Planning Commission members declined to comment on specific library requests, they said the meeting went well.

"The library is very cooperative in scheduling their requests down a six-year program," said William V. Lauterbach Jr., committee chairman. "Ms.

Makosky does a good job of it."

Nancy Schumaker, secretary to the county planner, said commission members hope to have their recommendations to the County Commissioners by Dec. 14.

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