Now, Here's Junior -- Better Late Than Never


October 07, 1990|By Donal G. Vitek

Last week there was a photograph of Junior Weeks of Taneytown with this column.

It was a great picture. It was an action shot of Weeks and it was clear and detailed and everything you could have wanted in a photograph of a bowler.

I liked it. Junior Weeks liked it. A lot of people liked it.

What a lot of people didn't like was that the story with the picture did not have much information about Junior Weeks.

In fact, if you looked closely at the column, you saw nothing about Weeks.

Sue me -- I'm a week late.

Junior Weeks (does anybody call him Arnold?) was born and raised on the family farm in the Taneytown area and still makes his home there.

Weeks bowls in the Friday Night Mixers and the Thursday Night Men's league at Thunderhead Taneytown. His wife, Arlene, who carries a 150 average, bowls in the Friday Night Mixers with him.

Last week Arlene had a individual high game of 213 in that league.

Junior's set that night was 660.

Are these folks competitive? You bet.

With an average of 182, a high game of 268 Junior Weeks says, "When I can get the time to practice, my average will be about 188, 189. Right now I look on bowling as a chance to have a night out, to have fun and relax.

But I would like to bowl in more tournaments in the future."

Weeks, a supervisor for the Telemecanique Co. of Westminster, was part of a team that once finished fourth in the Maryland State Games.

By the way, I hope that you didn't throw away last week's paper. The picture was great, really.

Bill Chapman of County Lanes says, "I just love to bowl. If they'd let me, I'd probably sleep right on the lanes."

I guess he really does love to bowl, since he's been bowling in four leagues right now; Monday nights at Kings Point in Randallstown, Baltimore County; Tuesday Night Mixed at County Lanes; Wednesday Scratch Triples at County Lanes; and on Thursday night at County Lanes.

This right-hander lives in Westminster with his wife, Sharon, daughters, Alethea and Mary, and sons, Jason and Matt. Sharon bowls in the Tuesday Night mixed league with Bill and carries a 126 average.

His daughters aren't interested in bowling, but Bill says he'll get Matt started next year.

Bill, who has his own home improvement firm called Applecorp Builders, was born in Oregon and lived in Howard County before settling in Carroll.

About three years ago he became interested in bowling despite having a painful congenital back problem.

"It hurts and I just ignore it," Chapman says.

Chuck Ludwig, proprietor of County Lanes, said, "Bill is an exceptional bowler. Despite the back problem, which he ignores, he remains a dedicated bowler. It's remarkable how much he advanced in the game in a short while."

Chapman was chosen bowler of the week recently. He had a shot at a 700 set, but in the last frame looked at a split. He still finished with a 686 series, his best yet.

"It was a pocket hit; I liked it. But in this game you get some bad breaks, just like sometimes you get the good break. The 700 series will come, sooner or later," said Chapman.

I believe him.

Ludwig, meanwhile, will be starting a Mid-Season League for youths in late November, structured for those who are interested in soccer and football.

And there are openings in the Young American Bowlers Alliance leagues for youths ages 5 to 18, coached by Ludwig. The center still has openings in the Mixed, Ladies' and Men's league for some evenings.

The second week of October will see the start of "King of the Hill" tournament at County Lanes, which will run for three weekends with squad times on Friday night and Saturday.

Information: 876-8430 or 857-1977.

Khristopher Harford will be awarded the Triple Game patch from the Young American Bowling Alliance for having three games with identical scores.

Khris had a birthday on June 23 this past summer; he was 6.

Of course, everyone knows that the County Lanes has been renovated, but did you know that they are now serving New York-style pizza. That's right, fresh dough, New York-style pizza has come to Carroll County. Is it great pizza? Stop in and decide for yourself. I ate two pieces, but then I never met a pizza I didn't like.

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