Readers write

Readers write

October 07, 1990


From: Charles Thomann

Candidate for state Senate


Common-sense approaches to growth, education and crime have not been addressed by the incumbent, despite campaign promises. His preoccupation with a single issue is more appropriate for a member of the lower house, not the Senate.

We have a crime problem that is not being addressed well. The incumbent has done nothing meaningful to address the crime problem in Annapolis.

Instead of letting criminals off because of prison overcrowding and do-gooder laws, I see nothing wrong with building cheap stockades for temporary incarceration, like the military has used for years.

A little stockade time without TV and air conditioning was good enough for our soldiers and World War II German prisoners of war; why isn't it good enough for the street criminal? Let's use common sense in dealing with crime.

Half the crimes with guns are committed by criminals that our justice system lets go -- we can solve most of our gun problems by keeping those who commit crimes with guns, or other dangerous weapons, in jail without parole.

Most gun control laws are unrealistic and unconstitutional. Teaching people how to use guns safely and wisely is a better solution. It also makes sense to keep gun-toting criminals locked up -- automatic long-term incarceration for crimes committed with a gun should be mandated.

Yes, I strongly support the death penalty, and I don't believe that it is racially unfair in Maryland. The appeal process is much too long and drawn out.


From: George Watson

Severna Park

For the past (several months) I've sat back and kept my mouth shut but I'm sick of this bull----. From the first time I met Jeff Harmon, he didn't want to listen to any worthwhile suggestions and when my wife came up with one that he was willing to listen to he said, "fine, you handle it. I'm not asking all my Jaycees to get active in this fund-raiser." That's the kind of man this guy is.

He didn't serve the food at the benefit until 11 p.m. When he did, only a fraction of the variety of lunch meat was used. My family had Virginia baked ham, imported ham, olive loaf, pickle loaf, salami, bologna, yellow American cheese, and Swiss cheese, all of which was pre-sliced. All they served to the tables was a small amount of salami, bologna, and cheese without mayonnaise or mustard. When some of the people began asking for them, they were told to scrape the mayonnaise from the top of the salads that were served! I had three people come to me and ask what the hell was wrong with these people!

After the rude treatment our friends and relations received, you damned well better believe I want nothing more to do with the Brooklyn Park Jaycees.

But the kicker was when I called Jeff Harmon at his home for an accurate account of money, he said the money wheel only made $305 all night. We know better because that wheel pulled in $500 by 11 p.m. and it stayed hopping till 1 a.m. When I questioned him, he said the wheel had made $500, but because he was short on ticket money, he took $160 from the wheel to cover the shortage. When I went to school 500 minus 160 equaled 340, not 305. But I had people watching that wheel, and the people who were winning were putting most of it back for Samantha.

Hell, they had a lady who won the 50-50 drawing, and she put that back in the wishing well. My wife and family sold 170 tickets out of the 240 that were supposedly sold, and she turned all monies and checks in to Jeff Harmon and Earl Murphy, so that left 70 tickets for people coming through the door that the Brooklyn Park Jaycees were supposed to have sold. There were over 300 people in the hall not counting the Jaycees.

My wife and family went out and got every donation for the benefit except Russell Krimp got the potato chips and Earl Murphy got the hall donated. As far as the Brooklyn Park Jaycees and Jeff Harmon did for this benefit, they spent over $1,700 of my grand daughter's donated funds for beer, the band, lunch meat other than what was donated, wheels for money, and prizes. If he and his crew had gotten off their (behinds) and gotten the letterheads out to these people in time instead of going off to Ocean City, this would never have happened.

Now what I want is all the money from the benefit, plus the money Jeff Harmon spent from the donations for Samantha taken out of the Brooklyn Park Jaycees bank account and placed into the Samantha Battaglia Trust Fund that was set up with the proper tax I.D. number. I also want to see the 260 tickets that are supposed to be floating out there somewhere. This was the way it was supposed to have been done and I'm sick and tired of playing head games with Jeff Harmon and whoever!


From: Joseph M. Connell

Fire Administrator, Anne Arundel County

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