Anne Arundel Sun Sheds More Light On Neighborhoods Seven Correspondents Will Cover Happenings


October 07, 1990|By CANDY THOMSON

We like to think that the newspaper we deliver to you each day is a package deal.

The Evening Sun and The Sun staffs report on international, national and state events. They also deliver the news from Memorial Stadium, Hollywood and Wall Street.

The Anne Arundel County Sun, with a staff of 27 reporters, editorial assistants and editors, is responsible for bringing you the news of the county, the city and your community. We're proud of the newspaper we put out, and our colleagues in the journalism business think we do a pretty good job, too. In head-to-head competition with newspapers our own size in the region, The Anne Arundel County Sun won 13 journalism awards over the past year for our coverage of news, sports, arts and entertainment and our editorial cartoons.

That's not a bad start, but we can do better.

One of the ways we think we can improve is to include more news about your neighbors, churches and civic groups. To do that, we have hired seven community correspondents who will report on neighborhood news. Their weekly columns will begin appearing tomorrow.

I'd like to introduce each of our correspondents to you.

* Starting at the top of the county -- Greater Brooklyn Park -- we have Phyllis Lucas and Phyllis Flowers. Their column will appear every Monday.

Phyllis Lucas has lived in Brooklyn Park for 11 years with her husband, Chuck, and two daughters, Starr, 11, and Crystal, 6. Both girls attend Brooklyn Park Elementary School.

In addition to her writing, Phyllis is a full-time homemaker, part-time baby-sitter and all-around volunteer at her kids' school.

In her spare time, she is treasurer of the Brooklyn Park Elementary School PTA and the leader of Junior Girl Scout Troop No. 738.

The other half of our Phyllis team, Phyllis Flowers, lives in Pumphrey with her husband, Houston, and three children, Houston, 11, Ebony, 9, and Tiffany, 6.

Phyllis works for the Department of Defense and belongs to several community associations and the PTA.

Her hobbies, in addition to keeping up with community news, are bowling, camping, traveling, reading and going to yard sales.

* On Tuesdays, we'll feature news from the Ferndale and Linthicum area.

Rosalie Falter, who has been helping us all along with community news tips, has agreed to provide them on a regular basis.

Rosalie is a Baltimore native. She's equally at home in Ferndale, where she lived for 17 years with her husband Denis and two sons, David and Mark; or Linthicum, which has been her home since 1981.

She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Baltimore and was trained at Mercy Hospital as a radiologic technologist. She works occasionally as an X-ray technician.

Rosalie's been on the other end of the news business for several years, handling publicity for Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School in Glen Burnie.

She's an officer with the Women's Club of Linthicum Heights and was one of the organizers of the Friendly Thyme Herb Club.

Her interests include cooking, gardening and traveling.

* Wednesdays will belong to Bonita Formalt in Glen Burnie and Vicki Wellford in the Odenton-Gambrills-Fort Meade area.

Bonita joins the staff of the Anne Arundel County Sun with two years of experience at the Maryland Gazette.

She's been around here since 1979 and now lives on Marley Creek Point with her husband, Gregory, and their two sons, Gregory and Travis.

In addition to her writing, she is involved with the Anne Arundel Gridiron Rebels sports organization and is the recording secretary for the Point Pleasant/Shoreland Improvement Association.

Her children attend Point Pleasant Elementary School, and she has worked as a volunteer in the school library and on a number of special events.

Bonita enjoys sailing, traveling and politics. Saturday afternoons in the fall she can be found watching her husband coach their two sons as they play football for the Rebels.

If it happens in the Odenton area, Vicki Wellford knows all about it.

She attended Odenton Elementary School, Arundel Junior High School and graduated in 1978 from Arundel Senior High School.

She's worked for the Department of Defense for 13 years.

Vicki's no stranger to being "first." Last year she was chosen president of the Kiwanis Club of Odenton -- the first woman to hold the top job.

Vicki starts a second yearlong term this month.

She's also a member of the Greater Odenton Improvement Association and the Odenton Health Association.

* Joni Guhne has been reporting the news from Severna Park for ages. Her work has appeared in the Severna Park Village Voice, the Park News and the Capital. Her column will appear every Thursday in The Anne Arundel County Sun.

Joni's been a kindergarten teacher, photographer's model, interior designer and tropical plant specialist. But she always returns to writing.

Add to those accomplishments one more: matchmaker. Back when she was editor of the Park News, Joni introduced Jill Zarend to Roch Eric Kubatko.

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