Casual And Career Wear Fills The Gap


October 07, 1990|By Donna Peremes

When the store opened in 1969, the name The Gap was chosen to suggest the difference between young and old: the generation gap. With its basic, affordable jeans-and-sweat-shirts approach to dressing, it was a natural choice among high school- and college-age buyers, and probably appealed to a youthful rebellious streak, too.

The irony in all this is that, for the past couple of years, thclothes seem to be bridging that generational gap rather than emphasizing it.

Along with the jeans and casual wear offerings consistent with its earlier era are work-appropriate blazers, tailored pants and such.

Some things never change, though. Comfort has always been a key element of the clothes at The Gap, and this season it's perhaps even more so. Softer-than-usual fabrics, like rayon and chambray denim, are prevalent, often cut in loose, flowing shapes. Even the jeans at The Gap are getting roomier.

Its appeal to youth-oriented trends and styles is another benchmark of Gap fashion. In a bow to this sensibility, tapestry, paisley and heraldic prints in rich, autumnal colors can also be at the store this season.

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