Blast's Wittman cleared to play

October 06, 1990|By Bill Free

The Major Soccer League cleared the Baltimore Blast's Tim Wittman to play last night, when the MSL Players Association informed the league that it would schedule an appeal with commissioner Earl Foreman on payment of his fine.

The union said the hearing -- on a $750 fine that Foreman imposed on Wittman in January -- would take place before the regular season. Wittman will not play in the Blast's preseason opener tomorrow against the St. Louis Storm in Portland, Maine, however, because of a back strain.

The MSL had told Wittman that he could not play in any games until either an appeal was scheduled or he paid the fine that was imposed after referee Herb Silva threw him out of a Jan. 12 game against the Wichita Wings.

Foreman added $650 to the automatic fine of $100 that is imposed for a red-card ejection. Foreman said he gave Wittman the additional fine for abusing and threatening Silva.

Wittman said last night that he has offered to pay the automatic $100 fine or even double that amount, but added: "There is no way I'm going to pay $750 for what I did. I don't have it. I didn't do anything different than anyone else does who gets thrown out of games."

If Foreman upholds the fine after the hearing, Wittman said: "I guess they'll have to take the money out of my pay each month, because I don't have it. I just went into business for myself [a hair salon in Mount Washington]."

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