Fernandez says he may sue ESPN

October 06, 1990

Chicago White Sox pitcher Alex Fernandez is threatening to sue ESPN over remarks made by broadcaster Norm Hitzges during Wednesday night's telecast from Boston.

Hitzges said that Fernandez transferred from the University of Miami to Miami Dade-South Community College because he "failed his grades." Fernandez transferred so he would be eligible for the June amateur free-agent draft.

Diane Lamb, communications coordinator of ESPN, said yesterday that the network would issue a retraction on Monday's edition of "Baseball Tonight," but that isn't good enough for Fernandez. He said: "It should be on at 7, 8 o'clock, not late at night. I deserve a national, public apology."

* METS: Outfielder Mark Carreon was admitted to the Smithers Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in September, the New York Mets said, but spokesman Jay Horwitz would not disclose Carreon's specific problem.

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