No Help PleaseEditor: Give me a break! The Sun article...


October 06, 1990

No Help Please

Editor: Give me a break! The Sun article regarding foreign nationals who fled Kuwait and have been offered shelter at the New Windsor Service Center in Carroll County by the Department of Health and Human Services but refused the offer makes my blood boil.

I'm certain that every taxpayer knows either directly or indirectly of someone who desperately needs assistance from either the city, county, state or federal government and has been placed on a never-ending ''waiting-list.'' A friend's daughter and two small children are awaiting Section 8 housing approval so that three adults and two children don't have to live in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. I'm certain that if her daughter had reliable transportation and day-care services, she would not be awaiting Section 8 and would not have to rely on spending a week at the Sheraton Hotel with money ''lent'' to her by the federal government. Please note that my friend's daughter does not have an MBA from Texas A. & M. University nor a Ph.D. from Texas.

The plight of these evacuees is a sad one -- losing everything one owns including one's country. But please, don't bite the hand feeding you.

Karran O. Fox.


Making Choices

Editor: The citizens of Baltimore County are not opposed to paying taxes for services. Quite the opposite. We have come to enjoy a certain quality of life in Baltimore County and are willing to pay for it. What is objectionable is the county's quest to extend this life to all, at an ever-increasing cost.

Freedom is the right to make choices in our society, not for society to bail out those who have dedicated their energies to the pursuit of a life style that they are, for whatever reason, unhappy with.

It seems that responsibility and associated costs for one's actions are no longer important.

If people want to live unproductive and counterproductive lifestyles, we cannot stop them, but Baltimore County taxpayers do not want to support them.

Lawrence Schaffer.


Cast 'Em Out

Editor: Let's pretend we own a business. We hire workers and tell them to run it for us. They alone are responsible for determining how money taken into the business is spent. Time passes, and the same people are in charge for 36 years. Every two years, or every six years, we renew their contracts for another two or six years.

As time passes, they spend so much money our business is put so deep in the hole we cannot see the bottom while they constantly ask us for more money to run the business. They do not spend less to reduce the debt, they just spend more. About the only thing that has occurred with regularity is pay raises for these workers, which, of course, they determine themselves.

Enough pretending. This is not fantasy, but the Democrat-controlled Congress. A brief stop at C-Span on your cable dial will show without a doubt that our "business" is out of control.

Most of the time, the chamber is empty. Time is wasted while waiting for a quorum to show up. More time is wasted waiting for people to show up to vote. When enough are present to conduct business, our representatives waste time congratulating each other for non-existent "leadership" on trivial matters as they spend us into oblivion while voting themselves huge raises, roughly $30,000 in one year. How many of us would still have our jobs if we performed in such a substandard manner putting the interests of our "employer" at the end of the line?

Wake up, voters. Our government is supposed to be by consent of the governed and "of the people, by the people, and for the people," and it's time the people took it back. We cannot consent to what is going on in our Congress.

Let's throw the rascals out or gather around the harbor with tea bags in hand. Trouble is, instead of making a point as the patriots of old did, we would probably get arrested. Anyone can do better than those we now have. If not, we can throw them out next time around.

We must act. We are the only ones who can. America as we remember it is quickly slipping away. Vote for challengers this time around instead of incumbents. Can we do any worse?

C. L. Norris.


Rosalind Levering

Editor: When Rosalind Levering died recently, Baltimore lost one of its great ladies.

First headmistress of the St. Paul's School for Girls in Brooklandville, she set the tone for the school from the day when she accepted the position. St. Paul's was to be a school which expected and praised academic achievement, of course.

But perhaps more important, it was to be a school where each young woman could develop a strong self-image, could understand and value her own worth as a contributing member of society. An innovative program of teacher-counseling nurtured this goal, and hundreds of girls have benefited from Mrs. Levering's dream.

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