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October 06, 1990|By Mary Maushard | Mary Maushard,The Evening Sun Luigi Petti The Sun The Tell Tale Hearth The Sunday Sun

The Willow Inn

The Willow Inn, Route 32, Eldersburg. The Willow Inn opened about 18 months ago in what was The Eldersburg Cafe. This cozy restaurant, with an eclectic decor, takes its name from the large Weeping Willow out back and its cues from both traditional and contemporary dining styles. The menu is small, but varied; the food is fresh, flavorful and attractively served. Diners are welcomed with a plate-sized serving of the restaurant's own Brittle Bread, a crisp, slightly sweet, wafer-like bread that hinted at the pleasantly unusual tastes to come. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/90.) Luigi Petti, 1002 Eastern Ave. This newest of Little Italy restaurants looks like that elusive creation: a place that really does offer "something for everyone." It's got hip pop culture icons on the walls, an Italian mama making homemade pasta in the kitchen and the most eclectic of clienteles. The best thing it offers, though, is food that's more than competitive with the neighborhood competition, at considerably lower prices. $ to $$inexpensive to moderate. (Last visited 9/90.)

Lynn Williams The Tell Tale Hearth, 1145 Hollins St. The appealing Tell Tale Hearth looks more like an Edward Hopper drugstore than anything out of Edgar Allen Poe's fertile imagination. We stood out in the rain to stare at the brick oven behind the dining room. It was blazing with firewood, and baking unusual, crisp, crunchy, free-form pizzas with some ash on the bottom. We particularly liked the low prices, the convivial mood, the SoWeBo art, the draft beer, and a "Louisiana pie" of fresh shrimp scattered with just the right amount of fresh basil. $inexpensive. (Last visited 8/90.)

Janice Baker

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