US Sprint offers flat-fee plan for long distance

October 06, 1990|By Leslie Cauley

US Sprint is offering a new long-distance calling plan for residential users that allows customers to buy one hour of out-of-state calls anywhere in the United States for a flat fee of $8.10 a month.

The hour can be during the evening, night and on weekends to every state except Alaska and Hawaii. Additional calls beyond the hour are billed at a further reduced rate, about 11 cents a minute. At $8.10 a hour, calls average 13.5 cents a minute.

At Sprint, the evening calling period begins at 5 p.m., and the weekend period is 5 p.m. Friday through 8 a.m. Monday.

The Sprint Select plan also offers 5 percent off direct-dialed in-state calls, international calls and out-of-state calls on Sprint's long-distance calling card, FONCARD.

Another plan, Sprint Day Plus, offers a 15 percent discount on phone card and interstate, direct-dialed calls. The $1.95 monthly fee for that plan includes a 5 percent discount on evening, night and weekend calls, and on all direct-dialed international calls.

Sprint also is offering a new toll free "800" service for the home. The service permits residential customers to have a toll-free service for incoming calls without changing phone equipment.

The service, which takes about five days to hook up, costs $10 a month plus the usual charges for long-distance incoming calls. Sprint is waiving the $50 installation fee for customers who sign up by December. It is aimed at homes with college students or far-flung family members who call home frequently.

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