Mirror Image

October 05, 1990

The Orioles' 1990 season turned out to be the mirror image of 1989. Instead of coming close to winning the division championship, Baltimore's team finished a disappointing fifth.

That did not stop 2.4 million fans from pouring through the turnstiles. What fans witnessed was a temporary setback. That frequently happens to a young, rebuilding team.

In some respects, the Orioles of 1990 were more talented than the near-miss Orioles of 1989. The difference: Last year's team played better; unexpected injuries and poor performances dogged this year's team. Despite a step backward, the Orioles front office knows it has bright prospects.

How appropriate it would be for the Orioles to make their final season at Memorial Stadium a memorable one. A year later, 1992, they move to Camden Yards. By then, it is hoped, the Birds will have firmly re-established their winning tradition.

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