Voter registration

October 04, 1990

Information for the Nov. 6, 1990, general election. Deadline for registration: 9 p.m., Oct. 9. How to register: Fill out a registration application at the election board in your jurisdiction or phone the election board and request one by mail. Applications also are available at most state agencies and office buildings. Applications must be postmarked no later than Oct. 9, the registration deadline.

Who is eligible to register: Any U.S. citizen residing in Maryland who is or will be 18 years of age by Nov. 6, 1990, and who is not disqualified by a criminal record or under guardianship for mental disability.

Change of address: A resident who changes addresses and remains in the same jurisdiction must notify the election board in that jurisdiction. If a person moves to a new jurisdiction, he or she must reregister with the new election board.

* Baltimore City: 396-5550

* Anne Arundel County: 222-6600

* Baltimore County: 887-5210

* Carroll County: 857-2080

* Harford County: 838-6000

* Howard County: 313-2727

* State Election Board, Annapolis: 1-800-222-VOTE

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