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October 04, 1990

Oil companies put squeeze on independents

As the manager of an independent gas station, I can see where the gas price increases are leading us. The large companies are selling gas to us for more money than their stations are charging at the pump to their customers. Once we are put out of business, and I am fighting for my very livelihood right now, the consumer will be the big loser. Then the large gas companies will have the whole show to themselves and they will be able to raise the price of gas to any amount they want. When the independents are gone, and we are slowly being driven out, the price of gas will really climb. There won't be any competition to help hold the price down.

Allen Kraus


Pro-life compassion

I would like to make a few observations concerning your

editorial regarding William Shepard's stand on abortion ( Sept. 24).

A Parade Magazine poll has shown the vast majority want restrictions on abortion. Every question posed in the poll had a considerable pro-life majority.

The strength of the pro-abortion forces lies in painting the pro-life forces as a radical few whose view on abortion is "not any time for any reason," and as people who have no compassion for the woman. The abortionists have done a good job of painting pro-lifers as such.

William Shepard comes along and makes a statement that shows he is opposed to abortion on moral principle, but also he has compassion for a woman who was an unwilling participant in the act that culminated in pregnancy (as in rape and incest), or if the mother's very life is threatened by the pregnancy. For these he would make an exception.

Does The Evening Sun welcome his exceptions as being more reasonable and compassionate? No! You castigate him for not ** being totally opposed to all abortions. The feminists know that William Shepard's position is one they can't defeat. They can't tolerate a pro-life image of people of conviction, but also people of compassion. The vast majority of pro-life people could accept William Shepard's position.

Governor Schaefer has shown he is a politician as he compromises his principles against abortion and makes what he thinks is a politically wise move. Time will tell, won't it?

James R. Cook


House in order

This country started foreign aid after World War II to help countries after a terrible war. We were the richest country on earth, and it was a good thing to do.

We are no longer in that position. We have too many homeless, hungry and poor of our own to worry about.

We give foreign aid to countries that have medical plans for their people; we don't have one for ours. We worry about the hungry of other nations, yet we have soup lines. We have elderly who get sick because they can't afford the prescriptions doctors give them. Our medical care is going downhill, hospitals are closing, medical fees for simple things are outrageous.

Our politicians don't do what their constituents elected them to do. Our lawyers are socking it to our insurance companies and our rates are sky high. All in all, we had better get our own house in order before we try to help others.

If any family in this country operated like our governments do, state, local, federal, they would be bankrupt in short order. If my children needed food and medical care, I sure wouldn't worry about what someone else needed. I'd take care of my own first.

Richard Krause


Fetal stages

We were very disturbed to learn of the censorship of the pro-life booth at the Baltimore City Fair this past September. The pro-life booth was forced to remove its display of plaster models of the stages of fetal development. Fair officials told volunteers at the booth that their display was "inappropriate for children."

How can a display of the stages of fetal development be inappropriate for children?

Perhaps the display was more offensive to that portion of our society which endorses the terminating of the lives of the unborn. It may be shocking for some to see the stages of an unborn baby's development in light of our society's overwhelming acceptance of abortion. To see the truth is very enlightening and must lead to the conclusion that abortion is in fact murder.

Let's not try to hide the truth. Let the children see and decide for themselves.

Mark and Jane Kraus


Long enough

The 180-day school year is long enough. Any increase will only waste tax dollars with no appreciable educational benefit.

On any given day thousands of students are absent. Insist that every student be in school every school day. Concentrate on providing more productive time during the present school year to graduate better students.

!Thomas C. Rothenhoefer


Love thy neighbor

Hate is a contagiou dangerous disease. It is worse than cancer, drug abuse and AIDS. Love and understanding are its cure.

The reason for all this hate is alienation and fear.

Cure the antipathy, and all the other problems will be solved also.

Wouldn't it be nice to love your neighbor today? If people liked the experience, perhaps it would lead to a 365-day attitude.

Peggy Cook


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