Four students represent state in National Children's Day events

October 04, 1990

Four Maryland high school students will be representing the state in a celebration of youth and youth programs in Washington this month.

Designated as Youth Ambassadors, the four young people will join representatives from other states for a youth leadership conference, meetings with congressional representatives and various tours of the Capital. The events are part of a national celebration of young people that will end with National Children's Day Oct. 14.

Maryland's ambassadors are: Sherrie Gibbs of Anne Arundel County; Stephanie Wandenberg of Baltimore County; Dante Brewster of Montgomery County and Andrew Nestor of Washington County. They were selected because of the youth-help programs they are involved in.

Gibbs, a teen mother, participates in Project Independence, which helps AFDC recipients become economically self-sufficient. Wandenberg, a student at Perry Hall High School, works with a peer counseling program. Brewster has helped elementary school students understand people with disabilities through the Exceptional Leaders Internship in Human Services. And Nestor represents Washington County Health Department's Outpatient and School Group program for drug and alcohol-addicted youth.

National Children's Day has been designated by President Bush and Congress as a time for the people of this county to celebrate children and youth as the country's most valuable asset and to meet their needs accordingly.

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