Move To Independence

October 03, 1990

Prospects for an independent Carroll Community College became formal yesterday with the County Commissioners' acceptance of the Future of Carroll Community College Task Force Report.

The report recommended that CCC, which was opened in 1976 as a branch of Catonsville Community College, work toward becoming an independent institution, and that commissioners appoint a transition team to develop detailed information necessary to support an independent college and accreditation.

The report did not set a time frame in order to allow commissioners and college officials ample time to evaluate the work of the transition team and to minimize disruption to CCC students.

"This has been 20 years in the making," said Barbara Charnock, chair of the CCC Advisory Board. "It's a natural growth. This is the time when we need to realize the fruition of (an idea) that has been a long time coming."

Charnock, of Sykesville, said the commissioners' approval of the report indicates their commitment to financing an independent college in the county. That commitment, however, does not mean any specific dollars at this point, she said.

The task force reported that it would cost an additional $2.7 million a year to support an independent institution. As a result, the committee has recommended the state of Maryland create a state funding formula for CCC like it has for other community colleges. Estimates indicate the county share would then drop to about $1.01 million a year.

The task force report now goes before the Board of Trustees of Catonsville Community College for approval. If approved, county commissioners will then appoint a transition team.

James Linksz of Catonsville Community College said he didn't see any reason why the Catonsville board would not approve the report.

"The board has always tried to do what is best for Carroll County," he said.

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