Towns, County To Meet

October 03, 1990

County officials are working on scheduling a joint meeting with municipal leaders late this month to discuss implementing recommendations made by several long-range planning task forces.

The session would allow elected officials, planners and managers in Carroll's eight municipalities to participate with the County Commissioners and county department heads in developing comprehensive programs for providing infrastructure, preserving farmland and developing affordable housing.

Those were areas studied by Strategic Planning Workgroups appointed by the commissioners about two years ago to study problems brought on by growth and recommend solutions. Final reports were submitted to the commissioners last spring.

The tentative meeting is planned as a day-long workshop.

Task forces also studied the needs of fire and rescue services and the future of police protection in the county, but those issues won't be discussed at the upcoming convention, say county officials.

"This can be the beginning of an ongoing process," said Robert A.

"Max" Bair, executive assistant to the commissioners.

The county already has implemented a financing plan, beginning with the current fiscal year budget, for the volunteer fire and rescue services.

County officials are seeking to involve municipalities in their planning because the County Master Plan targets residential growth for those areas. Consequently, the municipalities are grappling with providing infrastructure and housing for growing populations.

Commissioner Julia W. Gouge emphasized that the session wouldn't result in immediate implementation of the recommendations.

"Citizens should understand this is long-range planning," she said. "All the recommendations aren't planned to be put into effect this year or next year."

A follow-up meeting is expected to be scheduled for county staff about three months later.

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