33-acre Annexation Axed

October 03, 1990

MOUNT AIRY - Frall Developers' overall plan for projects in the Mount Airy area was effectively sawed in two Monday when the Town Council denied the builder's request for annexation of 33 acres off Route 808 in Carroll.

The council voted against the request -- known as the northern annexation -- mainly because of objections from several residents of Dorseytown, a small community that needed to be included in the annexation for Frall's adjacent property to become part of the town.

Also on Monday, the council put off for 30 days a decision on another Frall request, this one for annexation of 100 acres -- called the western annexation -- in Frederick County just north of Prospect Road.

Frall president James Frey had said previously that he considered the two projects as one, and that a denial of one would kill the other. If Frey withdraws the western annexation request because of the northern denial, he will take with him what he says is a valuable source of water, which is much coveted by a town struggling to meet its water needs.

Frey could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The decision to deny the northern annexation request turned on the opposition from several Dorseytown residents. Many feared the costs of having to hook up to town water and sewer service as a condition of annexation.

"I don't think people should be made a part of something they don't want to be a part of," said Councilman Oliver Davis, summing up council sentiment.

At a Sept. 17 public hearing on both requests, an attorney representing several Dorseytown residents outlined objections to the annexation.

Some Dorseytown residents were in favor of annexation, saying their community was overdue to receive town services. A few residents live without indoor plumbing.

On Monday, Frall attorney William Fallon appealed to the council for an extension on acting on the request, hoping for more time to reach an accord with residents. But the council denied the request and unanimously voted down the petition.

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