'Jesse Jackson' not aired

October 03, 1990|By David Zurawik

"The Jesse Jackson Show" debuted in more than 125 cities across the country last weekend, but not in Baltimore and Washington.

WMAR-TV (Channel 2) did not carry the syndicated show because attorneys told the station that Jackson's candidacy for the "shadow Senate seat" in the District of Columbia would create complications for the station under the equal time provision, according to Emily Barr, director of broadcast operations at Channel 2.

Equal Time provisions essentially dictate that air time given one candidate during a given pre-election period must be offered to all candidates for that office.

Even though Channel 2 is not located in the District of Columbia, it came under the provisions in this case because its signal reaches into Washington.

Barr said Jackson's show is scheduled to air at 11:30 Sunday nights. The first broadcast will be Nov. 11, the first Sunday after the election. The "shadow Senate seat" is part of a district effort to lobby for statehood.

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