Color this fan red* Pertaining to Mr. Ed Hale's changing...

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October 02, 1990

Color this fan red

* Pertaining to Mr. Ed Hale's changing of the Blast colors from red and yellow to blue and gray, his old school colors, how juvenile can anyone get? The name of the team would also have to be changed too, because blue and gray certainly do not signify a BLAST.

I have a question for Mr. Hale: Can I exchange my old Blas jackets, jerseys, sweaters, key chains, bibs, and other red and yellow souvenirs, even up for the new blue and gray items? If so, maybe Mr. Hale isn't so bad after all. But right now he stinks in my book.

Shirley Terzigni


Score it an error

* Not only did I think the Orioles played one heck of a series in Toronto, losing three out of four, which could just as easily been an O's sweep. But to add insult to injury, your paper, in its editions of Sept. 17, reported, not once, but twice (Bird Box on Page A-1 and On Deck on front sports page), that the Orioles were SWEPT by the Blue Jays. Have you given up to the point of taking games away?

How can anyone expect major-league coverage from minor-league sports department? You should read your own paper! Ken Rosenthal's story on the same page spoke of Olson's 31st save in the series opener.

Joseph Samek


Steadman was right

* It is absolutely unbelievable, yet it is true. The 20th century of American history and only one Marylander, a Baltimorean at that, made the list of "100 Most Important Americans" in Life magazine's special fall issue.

John Steadman in The Evening Sun of Sept. 19 delivers a powerful message. Heed his words! There is no need any longer for the Maryland Stadium Authority, the Baltimore Orioles Baseball Club, or Gov. Schaefer to put off what to name the ballpark now being built in downtown Baltimore. How can they not recognize the impact the name Babe Ruth has?

This famous Baltimorean, a Mighty Oak among men, is known all over the country and beyond, and his name would bring a spontaneous recognition to Baltimore that would set the city apart from all others. It is puzzling that Gov. Schaefer, himself a Baltimorean who has known the name Babe Ruth since infancy, remains silent and does not use his force to resolve the matter. Baltimore City, the entire state of Maryland and all professional baseball deserves his strongest effort. It would be regrettable if he doesn't come through.

Gil Dunn


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