Terp draw play stopped for no gain

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October 02, 1990|By Bill Tanton

MARYLAND football coach Joe Krivak, whose team entertains Georgia Tech at noon Saturday, is puzzled by attendance at College Park. "They say if you win the crowds will be there," says Krivak. "But for our last home game [with N.C. State] we were 2-1 with only a one-point loss to Clemson. I can't imagine anybody playing more exciting football than we were and there were only 25,000 people there." No doubt Maryland feels diminished coming off a game at Michigan, which drew its 93rd straight crowd of 100,000-plus.

* The mob at the Orioles game last night was not in the stands but in the press box. Eighty media people -- double the normal number -- are here to cover Toronto's battle to win the AL East. Baltimore people are Orioles fans, plain and simple, and for the O's it's all over.

* The National Hockey League is stupid, suspending Edmonton's Grant Fuhr for having admitted drug use in the past. The man should get a medal for conquering drugs on his own. The team didn't even know about it. In a society like ours with rampant drug abuse, suspending Fuhr sends the wrong message to other abusers.

* I watched Poly's 22-14 win over Gilman last weekend with a dozen former football players and not one of them liked the overtime that settled the 14-14 tie (each team was given four downs from 10 yards out). Poly and Gilman were evenly matched. What's wrong with a tie? Eddie Brown Jr. said playing overtime in high school is emulating the commercialism and overemphasis of the pros, where they just have to have a winner. I found it contrived, artificial and unsatisfying.

* There was a lot of talk around town yesterday and in the Orioles' press box last night about the surprisingly good job Vince Bagli did on the radio during the Orioles' doubleheader from Cleveland Sunday. It was surprising only because Bagli is ++ not a baseball announcer and has not been with the O's all year.

* The best small college defensive back I've seen in years is Johns Hopkins' Brian Hepting, a 6-foot-3, 190-pounder from Loyola High. Hepting has an uncanny nose for the ball and sense of timing. He tied the school record for career interceptions with No. 12 in the 28-14 win over Gettysburg Saturday. And Hepting is only halfway through his sophomore season. He and the 2-2 Jays play at Ursinus this week.

* Speaking of Hopkins, the school's first-year football coach, 1982 grad Jim Margraff, already has people saying he'll go far in his profession. Margraff was a good hire by Bob Scott. "One of my best," the athletic director says.

* One disappointing thing about Lisa Olson and the incident in the Patriots' locker room is the number of people who blame the woman reporter. They simply say she shouldn't be in there. She has as much right to be a sportswriter as I have, so it is essential for her to have equal access to the newsmakers. But that access, for all of us, doesn't have to be in a smelly locker room among dirty, naked persons who sometimes exhibit disgusting behavior. There's no dignity in that for reporters male or female.

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