Seton Keough to have 2 varsities School has overflow of basketball players


October 02, 1990|By SAM DAVIS

When you look at the girls basketball standings this winter, you will be seeing double.

Interest in the basketball program at Seton Keough is so strong that the school will have separate varsity and junior varsity teams in the Catholic League and the Association of Independent Schools.

"We had to cut so many people [last year]," said Stacy Allen, the school's athletic director. "Last year, we had two teams in the Catholic League [varsity and junior varsity] and a third squad, but they played only about six games."

Allen estimates that each team will carry 12-15 players, so there will not be a reduction in roster size. The two top teams will compete as the varsity and junior varsity Catholic League squads.

"There won't be any seniors on the varsity team in the AIS," said Allen. "Ability-wise, they would be able to compete in the AIS. It will be tough for them, but we feel if we put them in that type situation, they can rise to the occasion. We're not putting the AIS league down in any way, but we do have the talent all the way down to the freshmen and sophomores."

Allen said the school has not committed to the setup beyond this season.

"We thought we'd try it for a year and see what happens. If the program benefits, we'll go from there; if not, we'll step back down and go with the prior situation," she said.

Trish Cook still will coach the varsity entree in the Catholic League. The AIS varsity coach has not been named.

During the past two years, Seton Keough's varsity is 49-5 with two Catholic League titles. In 1989, Seton Keough was ranked No. 1 and won the Metro Classic.


Victories are tough to come by at Douglass, where the Ducks broke a 42-game losing streak in their final football game of the season in 1988.

Douglass' season-opening 6-0 win over Spalding has been changed to a tie. Douglass scored in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Maryland Scholastic Association C Conference doesn't play overtime games.

Neither coach knew. Douglass coach John Nash's team just dropped to the C Conference this year, and Spalding coach Greg Fuhrman is in only his first season. The game officials, who may work a different league every week, also had no idea of the C Conference rule.

"In the C Conference, we don't go overtime, so it will be counted as a tie," said St. Mary's athletic director Carmine Blades, chairman of the conference. "The reason we don't go overtime and the reason we have four timeouts, instead of three, is because usually the schools in the C Conference have small squads that are going both ways. Going into overtime is a safety factor. It is asking too much."


So is telling Douglass that it has to give up a victory.


Poly's 22-14 overtime victory over Gilman on Friday marked only the second time in 254 games that Poly coach Augie Waibel has been involved in overtime. The only other time was in 1981, when Northwestern beat the Engineers, 21-14.

Overtime: The Waves Girls Basketball Association and Greater Baltimore Women's Basketball Inc. have combined to present a fall minicamp Oct. 27-28 for varsity players and Nov. 3-4 for girls ages 8-12 at McDonogh School. Western coach Breezy Bishop and Broadneck coach Bruce Springer are two of the coaches who will be assisting camp director Tom Conroy. Maryland women's coach Chris Weller is scheduled to hold a clinic. . . . The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Board No. 23, is looking for applicants for its 1990 class.

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