Poly student beaten after football game

October 02, 1990|By Jay Merwin | Jay Merwin,Evening Sun Staff

A 16-year-old student at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute apparently will require reconstructive surgery for his face after he and a younger Poly student were set upon and beaten in two incidents that followed the school's homecoming football game with Gilman.

Police said a group of teen-age males kicked and severely beat Eric Beyer, of the 4200 block of Valley View Ave., in front of a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop just off school property, at Cold Spring Lane and Falls Road.

Beyer was taken to Sinai Hospital. A hospital spokesman said Beyer was in fair condition and will need reconstructive surgery for his face.

Sgt. Dennis Rosemary, of the Northern District police station, said of Beyer, "He was beaten pretty badly."

The beating occurred Friday about 6 p.m., police said, as the crowd was leaving after the football game.

About the same time, police said, a group of teen-agers chased Jason Howze, 15, of the 4000 block of Glen Ave., to the doors of Poly, where two of them punched him and ripped his shirt. Howze struggled free and ran, police said. He was picked up and driven to safety by a passing motorist.

Howze called police and was subsequently taken home, police said.

Rosemary said a group of four or five youths approached Beyer at the bus stop and demanded he hand over the earphones he was wearing. Beyer refused, Rosemary said, and the youths then tried to take his wallet. But he resisted and they beat him, the sergeant said, until a bus driver called police and an ambulance.

Police have not arrested anyone, but they are working on the theory that the same group of youths may have carried out both attacks.

Rosemary said police believe the attacks may have stemmed from a school dispute or rivalry, but apparently not the rivalry between Gilman and Poly, since there was no indication that any of the attackers go to either of those schools.

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