Men: victims of injustice in the militarySince the Middle...

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October 02, 1990

Men: victims of injustice in the military

Since the Middle East crisis began, the press has tried to create the impression that women are full participants in the military buildup in Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that 90 percent of the soldiers are men, the press has gone out of its way to highlight the role of women in the crisis. There are three very important points, however, which the media leaves out.

First, the law stipulates that it is men who must bear the full burden of combat duties.

Second, if war were to break out in the Middle East, it would be men and not women who would die in combat.

Third, if the conflict with Iraq were to escalate into a long-term war, it is men, and only men, who would be subject to the draft.

Women demand that they be treated as equal partners when it comes to the privileges and freedoms of this society. Why is it, then, that men must be the only ones to give their lives in defense of these freedoms?

Your paper has spoken out bravely against injustices against women in the past. Why are you now silent when the victims of injustice are men?

Ian Wilson


Pursuing peace

I would like to respond to Brendan Walsh's letter, "Human Shields" (Forum, Sept. 20). Walsh states that Saddam Hussein's use of humans as shields is copying the British army's placement of guns on nurses' residences and a high-rise dwelling where families live in the West Belfast war zone. Walsh shows a poor understanding of what is going on in Northern Ireland.

It is appalling to compare Hussein, a madman who gassed his own countrymen, to the British soldiers who are dealing with terrorists when most of the Irish people are not in favor of the terrorists' violent tactics. As to Walsh's criticism of where the guns are placed: Has he considered the fact that these may be the most strategic places to see the terrorists planning and carrying out their sneaky ambushes of innocent people?

I have visited in Northern Ireland and have witnessed love and understanding between Catholic and Protestant neighbors, but I have also seen the Falls Road area in Belfast where groups of young hoodlums gather on the streets looking for trouble. It is the IRA, with money from Irish Americans, that pays its members to wage this war. The British army is there to protect all the people from the terrorists, and Walsh would do well to spend his time and energy promoting peace and understanding among the Irish and British people rather than writing letters comparing a madman with the servicemen who are giving their lives to calm the troubles so that solutions can be found to change hatred to peace in Northern Ireland.

lizabeth Bacon

Hunt Valley

Abortion statistics

Governor Schaefer now publicly states that he trusts the woman to make the abortion decision. The statistics are appalling: One out of every four babies is aborted. In Maryland over 40,000 are killed annually; 40 percent of these are second, third and fourth abortions. The Maryland taxpayer funds approximately 3,500 abortions a year at a cost of $2.8 million.

If I were to place my professional trust in anyone or anything with such an abysmal track record, the only thing terminated would be my employment.

George H. Burns III



It continues to amaze and amuse that your paper and the rest of the media criticize Rep. Roy Dyson's conscientious objector status. After all, aren't you the same group that would rush to any street corner or campus where two or more students ere burning flags, protesting the Vietnam War or otherwise raising havoc with the system?

Pardon me if I have a faulty memory, but I seem to remember your paper and the rest of the side of those who fled to Canada or filed for CO status.

What hypocrites!

Gene Edwards


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