Golden ParachutesEditor: The '80s have been characterized...


October 02, 1990

Golden Parachutes

Editor: The '80s have been characterized as the ''gimme decade.'' Wheeling and dealing shaky deals to turn a fast buck was rampant in all sectors, including the banking industry.

''What goes 'round comes 'round'' and it seems that a certain degree of retribution is the character of the '90s. There is, however, an interesting paradox that arises. Too frequently the officers of the suspect corporation are rewarded for their poor judgment. The solution -- give them a golden parachute.

In the process of house-cleaning, restructuring and down-sizing , executive officers are terminated with multimillion dollar ''rewards'' -- golden parachutes. These ''rewards'' are derived from the investors' dollars, compounding the insult of investment loss.

Enough is enough. Perhaps the rip-cord should not be a part of the ''Golden Parachute'' package.

W. H. M. Finney.


Schaefer Cop-out

Editor: Governor William Donald Schaefer has joined the group of political men and women who have ''copped-out'' on the issue of abortion. The ''I'm personally opposed but. . .'' group seems to have grown more popular as people become more uncomfortable with this issue.

Unfortunately though, women and their children have lost out to wishy-washy politicians. Instead of trying hard to find an acceptable way of dealing with unwanted pregnancies, these people have decided it's easier for women to terminate their offspring so our taxes won't be increased by welfare payments. Just like all the other band-aid solutions in our society, abortion (under the guise of reproductive rights) is an unacceptable and undignified solution for pregnant women.

Where are the honest, straight-forward men and women politicians who believe that abortion, capital punishment and nuclear buildup are all unacceptable solutions to society's deeper problems? My choices at the polls this November are limited.

Carolyn R. Schwalbe.


Don't Endorse

Editor: During the recent campaigns, The Sun, as expected, endorsed candidates in all the county and state races, with very few exceptions. Though this is established practice in old-time journalism, I do think it is somewhat irresponsible in this market, where The Baltimore Sun has a monopoly not only in daily newspapers but in most of the high-circulation county papers as well.

Your editorial staff would have to have a direct line to the Holy Ghost to have intimate knowledge of every single candidate for every office, and you know full well that a questionnaire and a quickie interview cannot convey any depth of knowledge of a candidate's fitness for office. If The Sun insists on playing God, might it not be better done through the various county editions of The Sunday Sun? The best idea of all is for The Sun to stay out of political endorsements entirely and just make sure the voters are well enough informed to make up their own minds.

In Harford County, all the large-circulation dailies and weeklies are owned by Times-Mirror. The editor of the Aegis, understanding his influence as part of a monopoly, chose to describe each of the candidates for county executive, suggesting what might be expected of each in that office. There was no endorsement.

I found this approach to be fair and responsible. It treats the voters as intelligent beings capable of making a decision based on the evidence and on their own experience as citizens of the county. Big Brother Sun could take a lesson.

Madeleine Grant.

Bel Air.

Sweep Them Out

Editor: The debacle we have experienced in the so-called vote count by the city Board of Elections -- in an election in which one of the lowest recorded turnouts was experienced -- not only --es belief and security in the voting system of this city, but mandates a clean sweep of the elections board.

If I were one of the candidates who won or lost by a few or a few hundred votes, I would be demanding a recount at the expense of the city. The actions of the board were inadequate and most probably led to a suspicious count. We should never again experience this in Baltimore City, especially if we want to encourage citizens to vote.

Robert L. Beaman.


Mideast Allies

Editor: If we had poured the billions of dollars the present oil crisis will cost us into alternative fuel research and safe nuclear power, we would be free of the present situation.

Also, our ''allies,'' Germany, Japan and other nations that support us with cheers but little cash and no manpower and who are more dependent on Arabian oil than we are, would be furnishing the foot soldiers and footing the bill themselves.

I've also read that Romania and Hungary plan to ignore the food blockade of Iraq. If they have enough food to furnish our enemies with supplies, then they certainly don't need the money the open-handed Congress plans to give them to get them back on their feet.

I'm tired of buying ''friends'' who don't even stay bought.

Elaine Rosenbloom.


What Gen. Dugan Revealed

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