Quayle's quandary

October 01, 1990

After Oklahoma's approval earlier this month of a measure that limits terms in the state legislature to 12 years, attention and debate have focused, nationwide, on whether there is, in fact, an anti-incumbent mood. And there certainly appears to be; there are already two more ballot initiatives like Oklahoma's that will face voters this November. In Colorado, they'll try to apply a 12-year limit to congressional offices; in California there is an eight-year legislative office limit on the ballot as well.

This week, Vice President Dan Quayle endorsed the Californi ++ initiative, noting that "there's more turnover in the Supreme Soviet than there is in the House of Representatives. . . . Nobody runs, because they know they can't win."

Very noble, albeit a bit counterproductive. Quayle's support fo 12-year congressional term limits came on the same day he was campaigning for GOP Rep. William Dannemeyer, a Californian who was first elected in 1978 -- and has grown more reactionary with each passing year.

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