Sick and tired of politics

October 01, 1990

THE TIMES Mirror survey, "The People, the Press and Politics 1990," . . . provides some sobering news -- and perhaps an ominous portent -- for politicians of every political stripe.

The survey charts a continuing erosion of trust and confidence in our two major political parties, a deepening cynicism and economic polarization that "threatens to subvert traditional partisan politics or block the effective resolution of social and economic issues."

Respondents to the survey characterized Democrats as incapable of governing effectively, and the Republicans as a political instrument of the rich and powerful.

A pox on both houses.

What is the impact of all this? Well, one effect has been obvious for years. People have stopped voting. Eligible voters show their cynicism by staying away from the polls. More and more people are being elected by fewer and fewer Americans.

Those who do vote re-elect incumbents virtually across the board.

People who have really had enough may be more inclined to vote against any and all incumbents regardless of their political stripe.

That's what the Times Mirror survey is saying they might do -- if they vote at all.

-- The Daily Record, Morristown, N.J.

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