Last Monday, Maryland Business Weekly reported that Martin...


October 01, 1990

Last Monday, Maryland Business Weekly reported that Martin and Paula Kandel have instituted Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. Without further explanation, the paper also listed a number of business entities with which the Kandels had been associated. One of those firms, Kandel & Musgrave, Chartered, was a law firm of which Paula Kandel and I were shareholders.

Kandel & Musgrave, Chartered, is not and has never been in bankruptcy. Although the firm is no longer conducting business, it remains financially solvent. Its debts are current, and I have worked diligently to ensure that its good credit is not harmed by the Kandels' difficulties.

Nonetheless, your manner of reporting bankruptcies has unnecessarily alarmed the creditors of my former firm. I suggest that you amend your policy so that individuals in the future will not suffer the same damage by association.

Dawn Oxley Musgrave

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