Hogeboom means no offense

September 29, 1990|By Vito Stellino

Quarterback Gary Hogeboom is doing his best to assure the Phoenix Cardinals that he didn't malign their organization this week.

When Hogeboom arrived in Washington Tuesday to join the Redskins, he told reporters, "It's good to be here with a class organization because once you've been in the league -- this is my 11th year -- you find out what the class organizations are, ones that are a little different."

That remark was interpreted by Phoenix coach Joe Bugel as meaning that the Cardinals are not a class organization.

Bugel called the comment unwarranted and said Thursday, "He'd better be ready to fight me at the 50-yard line" when the Cardinals meet the Redskins tomorrow in Phoenix.

Hogeboom called Phoenix assistant coach Jerry Rhome Thursday night and tried to call Bugel yesterday to say he didn't mean to slight the Cardinals.

"I would never say anything bad about anybody," Hogeboom said. "I said I was excited to join a class organization like the Redskins. I can't help it if somebody reads into a quote something that I did not mean."

Bugel tried to downplay the exchange yesterday.

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