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September 28, 1990|By George Taylor | George Taylor,Special to The Evening Sun

Members of the Country Club of Maryland are at a crossroad.

According to a letter distributed to the membership, management is asking financial increases in most categories of the operation. Members have until December to accept or reject the changes.

Since 1945 the club had operated under the control of Charles Cover, who owned the property along with the three Amrhein brothers. Since Cover's death two months ago, the overall administrational duties at the club have been under the guidance of his daughter, Pat McTague.

Following Cover's death, rumors circulated that the Country Club of Maryland was for sale, according to Rick Berndt, representative for the remaining owners.

"The club is not for sale," Berndt said. "So long as the club makes reasonable economic sense to its owners, the owners will not be motivated to consider selling the club."

According to Berndt, the club makes no operating profit. "From a review of past years' statements, it has not produced net operating profit for several decades," he said in the letter to members.

Berndt went on to detail many improvements that need to be made at the club, including upgrading the clubhouse and food operation, and purchasing equipment to better maintain the golf course.

"In addition to this ongoing situation where overall expenses consistently exceed club revenues, annual real estate taxes on the property recently increased from approximately $27,000 per year to approximately $90,000. This increase is the result of a Baltimore County assessment on the property of approximately $8 million, up from approximately $1.25 million."

To raise the needed revenue, the owners have sent a special assessment (averaging $400) to all members.

Berndt also said: "We explained that if the ownership ever determined to sell the club, it will come first to the Governing Board, as representatives of the membership, to discuss a purchase of the club, by all or part of the membership."

The owners met with the club's board for four hours to discuss the matter.

"We believe that the ownership will engage in a good faith effort to strengthen our club," said a statement signed by David G. Mulligan, chairman, and Coni Lanzi, chairman of the golf committee.

* A field of 120 will tee off at Mount Pleasant and another 77 will compete at Longview in the State Senior Olympics tournament Thursday. Competition is by age classes, starting at 55. The oldest bracket is for ages 80 to 84.

* Mar Cook was a double acemaker this season at Hillendale CC, where a flood of holes-in-one were scored. Single aces were posted by: Frank Meehan, Brian Kelly, Tom Howley, John Rigney, Dr. Su Cherl Lee, Joe Cavagna, Salley Sharbaugh, Marge DiNardo, Elsie Hoffman and Pat Lekas.

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