Only money can stop Hammerin' JoseHank Aaron says Jose...

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September 28, 1990

Only money can stop Hammerin' Jose

Hank Aaron says Jose Canseco could break his home-run record -- but only if the Oakland Athletics outfielder keeps playing.

"That's the problem. Baseball players today can afford to quit," Aaron said. "I had to keep playing. I needed the money."

Baseball has changed since he hit 755 home runs over 23 seasons.

"There's so much focus on the money aspect right now," Aaron said. "You can't put a dollar value on the home runs, the RBI in your career; besides, a fool and his money always part."

49er adds to Notre Dame gold rush

Notre Dame's football media guide contains 360 telephone-book-sized pages and costs $9.

From Page 130: "A new academic quadrangle, the DeBartolo quad, now is under construction immediately west of Notre Dame Stadium."

To include the Joe Montana School of Aerodynamic Research, no doubt.

New York's state of mind

New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, a former minor-leaguer in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, went before the National League expansion committee to argue that Buffalo should be granted a 1993 franchise.

Cuomo pointed out the difference between Buffalo's Pilot Field and St. Petersburg's Florida Suncoast Dome by praising Buffalo fans.

Said Cuomo: "These are baseball fans. They like being out at a game where it can rain on your head. I like the idea there is no roof on this field and that there's real grass that can die and get brown like it's supposed to."

Asked whether awarding a third team to New York, which already has the Yankees and Mets, would be unfair, Cuomo said: "We're New York. . . . We have 18 million people. How many do they have?"

Howard Hall loves Howard Hall

Clemson fullback Howard Hall has a loyal following -- at Notre Dame.

Some female students at Notre Dame who live in a dorm called Howard Hall formed a fan club for the Clemson sophomore after watching him play football against Virginia on television.

The students got a Notre Dame athletic official to call Clemson and ask for Hall's autograph. He obliged with an autographed picture "for all my fans at Howard Hall."

The quote

Pirates outfielder Andy Van Slyke, commenting on his one hit in 38 career at-bats against Houston Astros pitcher Mike Scott: "My worst nightmare is that I'll end up playing in a senior league and facing Mike Scott."

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