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September 28, 1990

Don't believe the politicians on the tax cap

Both The Sun and The Evening Sun have carried editorialdecrying the Court of Appeals decision to permit the cap on property tax to appear on the November ballot. Both editorials said how we will have to do with fewer firefighters, policemen, have more crowded classrooms, libraries and senior centers closing, and other dire happenings.


Where were the bleeding hearts to take up the cause of the homeowner who has been systematically ripped off year after year by the tax assessors? Not one word was said by them when County Executive Dennis Rasmussen and his gang in the County Council voted themselves hefty pay raises.

They cared not where and how they squandered our money, because they knew the tax assessor, with a little nudge by the County Council, would provide them with more to squander. After all, the homeowner was always available for the next rip-off.

The bleeding hearts predicted disaster for California when they imposed Proposition 13 12 years ago. California has been going strong and growing in population ever since.

As a countian, I say don't you believe what the politicians say. They are scurrying to save their skins, because they are afraid of the angry voter coming in to vote.

There will be no reduction in the police or firefighter force. They wouldn't dare. Crowded classrooms and closing of libraries and senior centers? I don't believe it. I would rather be a student in a crowded classroom with a crackerjack teacher than be in one with a teacher who thinks the state of New Mexico is a foreign country.

Get out there and vote for the tax cap, and while you're at it, vote all incumbents out. If the tax cap is voted in, the county executive and council will be forced to trim the fat wherever they find it. They will have to eliminate duplications and waste, and they will have to stop squandering money they don't have.

Emmaniol Kalathas


Call him up

Thank God for the recent rally for the homeless! Once again we are visibly reminded of the plight of homeless people and the pain of hungry people in the Baltimore community.

There is no doubt that the need is great. (Mayor Schmoke's office estimates that 2,400 women, children and men in Baltimore are homeless.) But among the Schmoke administration, the state government, our churches, existing housing facilities and the private sector, we have enough resources to eradicate homelessness and hunger from our community.

What is really needed is for each of us to make a commitment -- of money, goods, shelter or personal involvement to end this blight. So call Mayor Schmoke today at 396-3100. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem of homelessness.

William H. Owens Jr.


Entertaining Forum

The Evening Sun's Forum can be interesting reading. I get to read other people's opinions, many of which can be quite illogical. I sometimes wonder how someone can be so out of touch with reality. One such letter was from Preston Greene (Sept. 19).

In one paragraph he says that since pro-choice people will abort most of their children, there will soon be fewer pro-choice people and more anti-abortionists (since anti-abortionists will bring all their pregnancies to term). I hate to burst your bubble, but most pro-choice people have never had an abortion and bring many children into this world. These children are loved and cared for. We would not deny the right of other women to choose.

The next paragraph states the irrational fear that the pro-choice majority could advocate mandatory abortions for everyone. Ridiculous! Pro-choice means the right to choose. Pro-choice people are more pro-life than the anti-choice minority. We do not want to see the sufferings of unwanted children.

The next paragraph compares the situation today to the time of Moses, when Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the male offspring of his slaves for political reasons. Anti-abortionist keep trying to compare the situation today to some horrible event such as the Holocaust. There are no comparisons, and these tactics insult the intelligence of most Americans.

I guess anti-abortionists must be having trouble convincing the majority of their views if they have to come up with stories such as these. It does make for interesting reading in the Forum.

Martin Pollitt


Don Donaldo

Thanks a million for Dan Rodricks' wonderfully hilarious column on Don Donaldo. I laughed with great joy. It perfectly depicted our arrogant and dictatorial governor.

Don Donaldo has never grown up. If he doesn't get what he

wants, he almost literally stamps his feet, screams and hates his opponent forever more. Baltimore city is suffering because of his dislike for Mayor Schmoke, a brilliant man who doesn't need a lesser man's order on how to do his job. Hurrah for him!

As a taxpayer, I resent the many trips abroad taken at great expense by the governor and his large entourage. It is shameful to spend so much money for pleasure jaunts.

Patricia F. Moore


If Panama had oil

I wonder how the United Nations would have responded to our government's illegal invasion of Panama had that country, like Kuwait, been a chief supplier of the world's oil?

Gerald Ben Shargel


Guess again

Fred Griisser did not produce a poor showing in the pathetic process called a primary due to his views about idiotic gun laws in Maryland. He had no political cards to call in and presented no past "pork barrel" incentives to poll followers. Above all, he had no monetary "war chest" to match that of the governor donated by his well-heeled friends.

If anyone believes that the 48 percent of the voters who opted against the ludicrous gun roster law have changed their minds or disappeared from the election process, let them guess again.

Ronald L. Dowling


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