Convalescent Center Sues To Stop Home

September 28, 1990

The Annapolis Convalescent Center is suing to stop a 133-bed nursing home proposed for land off Hilltop Lane.

The Annapolis City Council approved Meridian Healthcare's plans for the nursing home last month, after three years of planning and several months of hearings on the project.

But the 91-bed convalescent center, which is located on Van Buren Street, opposed Meridian's plans throughout the process, saying a second nursing home in the city wasn't needed and would hurt the center economically.

In the lawsuit, the center's attorney, Alan Hyatt, took a different tack. Hyatt's brief, filed Sept. 20 in county Circuit Court, says the city should have applied standards for food service establishments to Meridian's proposal. Because the city didn't apply the standards, the brief says, issues like the effect of trash on public health weren't considered, and the review of the project wasn't done properly.

The brief also argues that the council's decision to reduce the number of beds from 163 to 133 was arbitrary.

Planning and Zoning Director Eileen Fogarty said the city would stick by its decision to approve the project. "It did apply as a nursing home, and food services are anticipated in a nursing home," she said.

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