Krivak to probe student-players fight

September 27, 1990|By Mike Preston | Mike Preston,Sun Staff Correspondent

COLLEGE PARK -- University of Maryland head football coach Joe Krivak confirmed yesterday that two players were involved in an altercation with another student on the evening of Sept. 15, but said he had heard contradictory accounts of the fight.

"Because of the conflicting stories, we'll meet and see if both sides can't come to some type of agreement," Krivak said. "If the players are in the wrong, then I'll make sure proper action is taken."

The complainant, a man who identified himself only as a Maryland student, walked into the university's football building Tuesday and said he was beaten up by two sophomore players after the Terps' game with Clemson. The student, who had two black eyes, said he has a lump and numbness on the right side of his face and nerve damage to his right eye. He said he planned to ask the athletic department for restitution for any medical bills.

The fight, according to the student, started in, then continued outside a College Park bar called The Cellar around midnight. Bar officials declined to comment.

The student said one of the players swung at him first because he stared at a girl who was with the player. The student said there was a brief fight and that a bouncer escorted a friend of his outside. The student said he went outside to see what was happening to his friend and the fight continued there.

Krivak said yesterday that his players, who both are reserves on the team, told him the student was involved in "touching incidents" with the girl who accompanied the player, and that those incidents provoked the fight.

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